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OrderFlow Technical Architecture

OrderFlow Ltd.

Document Version: 4.2.4

Document Built: 2024-02-16

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Process View

Process View

This section provides a process view of OrderFlow's architecture.

Processing is invoked by one of the following events:

  • User activity on one of the user interfaces.
  • Client activity on one of the application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Internal schedule firing.

The user/client activity will result in HTTPS request/response interaction, which, using Java Servlet Sessions, can handle multiple users and requests simultaneously. The service layer of OrderFlow is designed to be thread-safe, so each user request will only have access to data (in memory) for that request.

Additionally, the underlying database technology (via a database connection pool) allows concurrent, thread-safe data access.

Processing may result in one or more of the following events:

  • Database CRUD operation.
  • API request on remote web service.
  • File system read or write.
  • File sent to FTP server.
  • Email sent to SMTP server.
  • Response to original request, if applicable.

The following diagram shows the process flows in OrderFlow.

Process View