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OrderFlow Technical Architecture

OrderFlow Ltd.

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Document Built: 2024-02-16

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Physical View

Physical View

This section provides a physical view of OrderFlow's architecture.

OrderFlow is a Java web application that is (usually) deployed as a standalone Jetty web server, on an application server. This application server can be a physical server or a virtual machine (VM), typically hosted by a dedicated hosting company.

It runs atop a MariaDB database, which may or may not reside on a separate machine to the application server. If it does reside on a separate machine (physical or virtual), this is known as the database server.

Although not strictly within OrderFlow's boundaries, but known to interact with OrderFlow, are Print Server application instances, which reside on separate physical client workstations, typically Windows PCs in a customer's warehouse.

The following diagram depicts how OrderFlow is deployed at a physical level. Note that the multiple application servers are intended to depict the fact that OrderFlow can be configured to run in a clustered configuration.

Physical View